EuroTriade coaches help to find a new fix point and make sense of the transition


In times of constant economic acceleration, global and matrix-like organisations in which virtual realities are overtaking actual ones, in which constant change is a must, it has become difficult for employees to find a fix point and make sense of their current professional perspective. In order to overcome this challenge together, we offer you the following solution: Coaching services by EuroTriade.

Our certified coaches take an open and trusting approach and thus make it easier for individual employees as well as for entire teams to work together in your company. The different types of training courses offered cover topics such as management positions and management qualities, new positions, development within a team, expatriation and many more.

Our service

Thanks to the open approach and engagement on the client’s side, the certified EuroTriade coach is able to remove individual employees or entire teams from interpretative situations and facilitate new options of cooperation through coaching. Employees are able to re-position themselves, to change and to develop in order to attain more independence and thereby better define and integrate themselves.

Our contribution to facilitate your search for and implementation of new perspectives:


  • Support for strategic alignment
    •  Management coaching
    •  Team coaching

We will support you in the design and implementation of:

  • In-house training and courses for professional development
    • Learning experiences
    • Kick-off and other events on the topic of employee engagement

It is our passion to help employees conquer difficult times and achieve a successful cooperation.


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